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    Jason Loren was born and raised in Ann Arbor Michigan. Moving around a lot growing up enabled him to become familiar with many different local neighborhoods. As a huge lover of nature and wildlife, Ann Arbor has always been near and dear to his heart. In Jason's mind both Ann arbor and Ypsilanti offer a "best of both worlds" scenario. Each have their own unique and enjoyable downtown district with an abundance of wonderful restaurants, yet no matter which city you find yourself in, a local park or obscure nature trail is never too far off. He practices mindfulness, begins each day with meditation and believes life should be lived from the heart. Since a young age, Jason has been that person that "everyone goes to talk to" about their problems. Growing up this way helped Jason harness the ability to listen with the intent to understand, and to offer solutions. He believes it was also instrumental in fostering his desire to live a life of service to others.

    Although he grew up in Ann Arbor, Jason went to MSU (hey it's better than OSU right?) to pursue Criminal Justice. Since an early age he's had a passion for helping people and thought it may be a good way to start. Early in his college career he obtained a sales internship with a painting company that opened his eyes to a whole new world and way of helping others. Jason really enjoyed the ability to help so many people increase the beauty of their homes, and was happy to have found a way to help others in a pleasant manner that did not include risking his life (although some people's no soliciting signs would leave one guessing). Another benefit of this internship was being assigned to the beautiful region of Saline Michigan as his territory. Jason really enjoyed the historical district, although distinctly different, it reminded him in ways of some of the historical houses Ann Arbor had to offer. Jason's path was forever changed.

    While going to MSU Jason worked part time at Preuss Pets, a family owned business in Lansing, just off of North Cedar. This position served as a great way to explore his love of animals and further develop his passion for helping others. While working there one of his managers Jayzun Boget took note of his ability to connect with others, coupled with his strong desire to be truly helpful. He suggested Jason to pursue a career in sales, as he felt he would bring a unique perspective to the business - being genuinely client focused.

    A few months after this suggestion was made, Jason got his chance and tried his hand at Automotive Sales. He entered the business somewhat apprehensively, due to the stigma surrounding the profession. Rather than letting that discourage him, Jason decided to see that as an opportunity to offer people someone genuine to work with who had their best interest at heart. He believed that by offering a transparent process that prided itself on being open book with information, and providing the best solution -even if that meant going elsewhere- that he would be able to overcome any concerns one may normally have had. He was an automotive professional for 3 years, and in that time he had the pleasure of helping former classmates, previous teachers, friends and total strangers who became like a second family. Jason enjoyed guiding people through the second largest purchase of their lives, and he is excited to take that passion towards helping them with the first- their home.

    Jason understands each home is as unique as each person, and he looks forward to helping people find their best fit, while providing a highly client based perspective along the way. He grew up in this area, there is a lot he loves about it - and he is excited to help others find their passion here as well.

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